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Many state and federal healthcare laws require workers to participate in healthcare ethics training courses. When it's time for your continuing education renewal, turn to Diamond Healthcare Consulting. We provide a range of healthcare ethics trainings for healthcare professionals in the Troup & Tyler, TX area, including Kilgore.

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Quality healthcare doesn't stop at treatments. Learn how to communicate with and work alongside your coworkers by participating in one of the following medical ethics courses:

Ethics Is a Personal Choice
Module Length: 1-6 hours

This class will help you understand how the power of personal choice produces the behavior that determines our ethics. In addition, you will learn how ethical behaviors are formed, changed and shaped throughout life. We will discuss the reasons you must demonstrate character and integrity through simple, proven principles that are powerful and effective.

Cultural Diversity: Getting Along in a Multi-Cultural World
Module length: 1-6 hours

The workforce in America consists of four generations working alongside each other, from workers born during World War II to those who were born long after the disco ball stopped turning. Regardless of your age, employees working together must learn about each other to generate "cross-generational trust." This informative and enjoyable class will help you develop the trust that is vital to maximizing employee productivity, customer relations and staff development.

ABC's of Success - Attitude by Choice
Module Length: 1-6 hours

Regardless of your age, occupation or position in life, this session will provide you with the insight necessary for you to experience peace in life. The basic premise of the subject lesson is that individuals are functioning at only a small fraction of their potential. You will learn that attitudes determine our relationships, reinforce self-fulfilling prophecies, are a constant work in progress and contagious. Attitude By Choice is designed for you to experience and enjoy daily living made possible by your positive thoughts and choices.

Developing High-Performance Teams
Target Audience: executives, managers and supervisors

You can form any group into a team, but for a team to perform at peak level, certain conditions must exist. This course will teach you how to develop high-performance teams in which members identify with each other and with the team as a whole. By creating better teams, you'll notice employees are more efficient at achieving business goals. Not only will your employees better understand how their jobs relate to one another, but also how working as a team can benefit everyone and contribute greatly to the success of the entire organization.

Characteristics of Effective Leaders
Module Length: 1-6 hours

Leadership can be a complicated subject because the definition varies from person to person. This class will highlight and discuss five proven characteristics of effective leaders that will help you develop your own unique leadership style. You'll learn that all great leaders have one thing in common: they have developed their leadership styles to match their personality and their values.

Communicating for Results
Module Length: 1-6 hours

Perfecting your communication skills with patients and coworkers will help ensure your success. When you start to understand how communication functions within your organization, you will have better productivity than those who do not. This entertaining and informative class will explore the three major components of communication: verbal, non-verbal and listening, with a special focus on non-verbal communication. You will participate in the practical application of communication in the workplace and interpersonal relationships.

Customer Service
Module Length: 1-6 hours

A business reputation for quality customer services can truly set your healthcare facility apart. This session is built on the TRUST model of customer service and will teach:

  • Truth
  • Reliability
  • Understanding
  • Service
  • Time

By understanding and implementing these proven business principles, you will be well on your way to gaining, developing and retaining customers for a lifetime.

Partner with us today, and accept the challenge to become a more effective leader.